Polyamide rounds

Polyamide Rounds

PA6 round bars are suitable for mechanical purposes even in the presence of dust or sand. PA6 is a good material in case of heavy loads, wherever absolute precision is not required. It is suitable for contact with food and FDA certified.

PA6 is the most popular among all the polyamides, although there are some interesting variants that are available in our warehouse or can be provided upon request (PA6 + Mos2, cast PA6, PA6.6, PA6 + glass, PA12, PA46, etc.)

In our warehouse we have natural (white) PA6 bars with standard length 3000 mm and 1000 mm, with diameter range from 5 to 300 mm, and PA6 + Mos2 (black) bars with diameter range from 6 to 200 mm.

We have cast rounds with diameter range from 50 to 300 mm.

Pierced bars with various diameters are also available.